I’m trying to find crypto societies in the world

Don’t you feel hope and freedom in your heart when you see this?

One of these shapes, there must be a “secret patch”.

The US is literally the last place on earth you want to be living

I discovered to my disgust that there are at least 180,000 of them living in Argentina.

First time I’ve heard of this

He ruled for 35 years. Did he facilitate the emergence of a “certain kind” of society?

The Paraguay’s predominant ancestry is European, which represents a large part of the population, mainly descendants of Spaniards and Italians (who have contributed to repopulating the country after the Triple Alliance War) but there are also a large number of people of German ancestry, due to the German Mennonites (majority in the western part of the territory).

Mennonites? I wonder if we could settle around their peripheries.

Think anyone will be bothering us to the west here

Do you think it’s good to live in the US, to care about the US at all? That’s doubtful to me. Whether Trump de-rigs the election or not, this place is awful. The question is where to go where you won’t have to deal with it, ZOG, or China for that matter. This seems like a sneaky country to start a crypto-society. 7 million people there, all you’d have to do is find one city that no one’s heard of that already has a like-minded population.

White people need to die, white people need to die, while we never say it explicitly that’s what we mean, and you can sense it. Any white person who thinks this is a good place to live is deluded.

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