Wow, how alone you must be if you’re on this site today. That’s just irrefutable proof that you’re all alone. Even if you’re with others, that’s saying something if you have to visit a genocidal maniac’s page on this day. In fact, if you’re here right now it’s pretty good evidence that you would’ve been one of the ones slaughtering indians back in the day, so shame on you, I hope your thanksgiving Kids Cuisine leaves a bitter taste. Alright, enough about how alone you really are.

We’ll drop the subject about that eventually.

Has the internet messed us up, the cultural norms? Probably both.

I rarely find someone I relate to on the internet, let alone real life, can’t be good for mental health. There’s something enviable about those Amish that are super close with even their extended family, and know really well the people next door. What does “globalism” really mean anyway? Everyone is their own globe? I kind of want to live in the same world as some people, and my life just feels like increasing atomization as the years go by. Further and further away from “having a moment” with someone, experiencing the same reality as them, just feels like we all live in our own world. Is that the appeal to the collectivism of the left, or are they atomized in their own way too? Must be nice to go to the movie theatre for instance and see films “made for you” – has that ever happened for us reactionaries?

Anyway, for my fellow genocidal maniacs, I found this interesting to see

Who brings the modern world we so detest into existence? It isn’t so easy to terrorize NYC. From Syria, Iran, Egypt, we’re able to take the life of the enemy. We just have to get in cahoots with these Muslims somehow. Killing Jews – unironically more meaningful than anything I could do in the US. You’re to blame, you’re not the scapegoat, you’re to blame. I don’t care what da mainstream or the pussy-right has to tell me about it, you’re to blame, and I want to murder you. And so do others, I imagine.

“Why are we all so atomized?? It must not be because of the ones behind all the screens and government puppets for decades, couldn’t be them.” Coptics, do you have a secret service program? I know of a group of people who’d probably want to help you. Farabians, there’s an information war in the west and we’re on your side. We have to deal with our own “sanctions” here, and live with pariah status, just letting you know, American dissidents have a perspective that could help you prevent ~peace in the middle east~ with the zionist entity they want to convince you is the state of israel.

The pussy-right is going, Just give up, just give up. I’m not talking to you, what are you even doing here? I’ll team up with the Iranians to kill you too, you’re just as bad as leftists, if not worse. The techlords have made sure that everyone is “alt-lite” and happy with it. You just get a star of david on your lapel in my world, whitekike. “Aw man I was feeling atomized today and now you only made me feel worse.” I feel like a native american that storms into their camp and throws a hatchet spinning at their leader’s forehead, while you shiveringly submit to being exterminated by the globalist pilgrims, just waiting for them to get to your camp… Yeah I like the thought of Nazis helping the MENA countries to murder Jews, just a thought for the impressionable youth who haven’t already sold their souls like some of you.

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