No one ever knows how to establish a “science”. I have one speculative one- If you see the word “Jew” and you only want to kill it, that is probably a good sign. “This one guy on the internet hated him and I wasn’t ever even able to make a joke in response.” Why was that? You can’t have a normal conversation so you have to talk to your prog friends to feel better about yourself? Sounds like the norm in the highest echelons of society. Do you dorks want to tell the NSA not to pretend to be our friend when we go walking sometime? “We never will go for a walk, because I hate you, because … iuhh h jejws jews make me say this.” That can’t be, I think goyim are good people and they’d never accuse the Jews, never. “We tell you to do that.” Why is that, because you look like a disgusting pimple of humanity and you’ve been tossed out of hundreds of countries? “No because those countries I was expelled from made me not able to say why I was the kind of person those countries would hate.” We don’t hate you. Talk to us directly and you might be fine. “You want us dead though.” It’s not you we’re talking about, we’re talking about the bankers, and if you can’t understand why we’d hate them then there’s a sign you are one of them. “Yes, I’m a banker, I believe in Leveling, Lobotomy.” You think people should be stupid, you should just admit it.

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