Senior psyches who click this site and think “We need negro minds”. That’s just you being a boomer zionist. Negro minds in your country mean that you will live in a hut in order to appease your jewish overlords. Have fun in the future telling someone “I don’t think you’re a nigger or a Jew, I was just following Capital in 2020.” – Nigger Jew Capitalist, anti-White, that’s what you are today. So let’s settle the score. Niggers live in africa which is the most humiliating countries in the world — or is that Khazaria? Or is that Egypt? Are Jews the laughing-stock of the world? I think they might be, if we were to see why they had to move so much. This is the opportunity for Feminism. Why did juze move around so much? You can’t say, unless you’re a woman. And if you could say an accurate interpretation of Judaism then I might recognize you as someone with the spirit to exemplify feminism.

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