This brightens my day

The ex-head of the Gestapo in Warsaw, Leopold Gleim (Naem al-Nashar), was involved in the creation of the modern Egyptian secret police.

There’s rumor that names of Nazis in MENA were removed from Eichmann’s journals.

I wonder what truth there is to this

the Germans declared Shiism, which dominates in Iran, a “truly Aryan” religion, different from Arab Islam of the “Semitic Sunni persuasion.”

I’m trying to decide if I should learn Arabic or Persian. 422 million people speak Arabic. 84 million Iranians, Persian speakers. Iran is the greatest stronghold against the great Satan, so the best books are probably there. Syria and Egypt are still decent strongholds. Decisions, decisions–another way of saying rangordnung, rangordnung, the principle of Nazism, makes you think. Relativist jews who don’t believe in values, great people folks.

I wonder if there are “Coptics” in Iran.

I still haven’t determined if we were even legally allowed to travel there before COVID.

I swear, they planted this idea in all of our minds that there’s nothing in MENA except crazy people in sand dunes.

There haven’t been any interesting books written during the thousands of years since uhh whatever that Purim holiday is that we celebrate.

Probably the greatest stronghold in the world.

From 2015

This is so pathetic

100% of the time they talk about the nuclear program, 0% of the time they talk about what they believe that leads them to having nukes being controversial. Let alone reasons for why they believe what they believe. I have a pretty good idea of why they believe what they believe.

Americans are inferior to MENA people who understand this. White niggers who make me sick.

Imagine believing the brainwash they teach at Harvard is “#1 in the world”

If you hate me there’s a good chance that you believe what they teach at Harvard. You’re a bumbling imbecile, your life is literally without value. Why do you visit here, are you a masochist?

Some of the only sane people in the world

Weepy idiot- They they finally found a home after Exodus, such a noble journey -bursts into tears- Persecution!! Most whites are programmed to have the level of rationality of old ladies.

If only their google wasn’t so bad

It used to be called SAVAK, I bet there are some Persian books to find on their activities. That’s my kind of 007, missions against ZOG, where’s muh video game and movies?? GIB. -goes off to look for gesamtkunstwerk materials-

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