So, this happened today

We killed annudah Einstein!

Apparently they shot his bodyguard too (secret service?) – Scientists need bodyguards in Iran, too sad.

The Iranians use their own type of “Bitcoin” and they want to protect their sovereignty with nukes.

This one isn’t on the English wikipedia

This is making me want to play the 007 game that’s been collecting dust in my room for a while. This is in reference to a ton (2000 lbs) of secret documents pertaining to Iran’s nuclear program that was stolen

Cool, first book I’ve found on this particular crypto-war

There’s a section in the memoirs of that former KGB head of foreign intelligence here too.

What do you mean I have an ulterior motive for caring about Iran?

“They” want all goy daughters to be ~sex-workers~ (“You’re exaggerating!” Am I?) and Iran is their greatest enemy, I want to know about the intel people they haven’t managed to kill yet

Don’t you love the sound of that? Failed mossad operations. There must be lots of entertaining accounts in Persian and Arabic, probably add CIA to this. I’d like nothing more than to see high-budget TV shows that involve feds getting owned.


if the MOSSAD were not effective, the State of Israel would not exist.

accelerationism noises

Who knows them best? Probably Iran.

It’s its own eye of the pyramid

وزارت اطّلاعات جمهوری اسلامی ایران

The US DOD speculates there are 30,000 people working for them. I bet some of them have secrets that we Hitlerians would like to hear. How happy it would make some of us to be recruited by these people. I read they recruit people in the third world that the CIA tries to coup, why not the US?

This one was an intelligence minister for a few years, one I’ve found that’s written books.

Sign me up for this

There’s another one called Higher National Defense University with a Futurology major. “How to anticipate zogification”? I wonder if there’s a Persian version of 1984 that would floor us. A non-cathedral academy we’re finding here, how refreshing is that?

After the CIA was overthrown,

Learn how to bomb the real enemy, must be nice

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