This is the most conspicuous thing I’ve seen for a while

Is the BIS its own “Monaco”?

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is a highly secretive group of the world’s central bankers, based in Basel. It is not generally regarded as a nation state (generally regarded as being in Switzerland), but is listed here as such since its has a unique legal status which makes the place inviolable

This is from the actual BIS website

Established in 1930, the BIS is owned by 63 central banks, representing countries from around the world that together account for about 95% of world GDP.

First site I look at to track down that 5% doesn’t have results for Iran, Syria, or North Korea

There are 195 sovereign states in the world, 196 if you include the BIS – what’s its GDP? There’s no doubt a Science to banking, and I don’t claim to know it, I’m just trying to figure this out here.

Have we found The Bank?

There’s a book on this

A couple more potential names for “the list”

95%, who are the 5% not under their control? We can probably guess

This is another good sign for Syria – “n/a”

The rise of China is another rigged narrative too in this context, because either way it’s the rise of the central bankers against the 5% which they’ll be gradually crushing.

I’m actually finding lots of links via an Iranian engine when I look for the BIS in Persian (بانک تسویه حساب های بین المللی) – maybe there are some highminded theorists among those 5% that know a thing or two about the central bank of the central banks?

This is in line with one of the theories of that Taiwanese guy who publicized Hunter’s laptop and info regarding the CCP – a new global cryptocurrency

You thought bitcoin was gonna save you? They probably invented Satoshi themselves!

That Arabic Goodreads site has 41 results for “central bank”

Interesting (no pun intended) – an ideal future for the west?

In the name of Allah I banish the usurers from the Temple!

That’s probably another type of MENA intellectual they kill without telling anyone about it- experts on central banks.

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