Speaking of “declassifying everything”, imagine if the NSA had a file cabinet specifically for recordings of central bankers. Is there much of a chance that that would exist? Probably not, since they control the NSA. We’re just talking about “ideal information” that the public would want to know about, even though if it ever did exist it has probably been destroyed. Remember how DARPA has been developing CRISPR and surveillance tech involving bugs? I wonder if Iran has stolen any of this technology and used it for its own purposes?

It gives “To be a fly on the wall” a new meaning.

This following excerpt is from the book on the BIS I hyperlinked to in my previous post, very spicy in the first pages already

That’s what we mean by “ideal information”, precisely speaking. These people don’t get a chance to be around equals very often. Usually they’re in a priest (often rabbi) role with their underlings, and there’s an intrinsic esotericism involved with that, not being among equals. Add wine to it, and that will be the “ideal information” that we would want. Theoretically of course, since they control high-tech intelligence-gathering services. Iran’s though? Syria’s? If either of them had a “wikileaks” we’d probably never even hear about it. That’s the blindspot of the “declassify everything” option, that places like the BIS, Bilderberg, etc. are going to be taking place in spy-proof settings. Unless one of these MENA secret services found a way to record them. Again, would we even know where to look, who to ask, to find this info? No, we see them as the enemy, the crazy people in the sand dunes. So, I’m putting this request out, as radio-waves sent out into outer-space to contact ETs, what I’ve called the crypto-UN- if you have recordings of these groups, when they’re among friends, and drinking as in Plato’s Symposium–this is the Form of info we want on the shadow brain of the overlords–if you have that, figure out how to get it to one of us. It’s taken me so much mental-maneuvering to even look for this intel from you. One needs to escape the brainwash here to even want to hear what our supposed enemies have to say, and that is no simple task to say the least. So is there an Iranian NSA that could help us? If that exists then potentially that could be thee most fatal institution in the world for our informal government.

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