What do I think the nature of Being is?


That’s how it should be at least, and we’ve deviated away from it, “separated from God”, over the last thousands of years.

I don’t think “filters” should exist in any way whatsoever. Private thoughts only cause mental illness, there should be no secrets.

Essentially that’s my idea of “socialism”, and being social animals we all believe in socialism in one way or another.

What I mean by “telepathy” is that we should know each other.

The evolution of language, and restrictions on what can be said, has been a disaster for the human race.

What we call “thoughts” shouldn’t even exist in my opinion. There should be nothing that separates who we are from what we say to others. This is a type of mental disease that we’ve only accepted as normal. It’s not normal, it’s not good. We should be able to “say what’s on our mind”. That shouldn’t even be a question.

The idea of “mind-reading” shouldn’t even exist, because people should be able to say exactly what they think whenever they want. This goes beyond surface-politics about present-day ephemeral whatever. This is something ancient and pre-historical. Why do we even have thoughts at all that we decide to say or not say in public?

We’re still trying to understand what this idea of “We live in a society” means. This is part of it, having thoughts you can’t say.

I don’t think this is good, this private “living in our own heads” and being separate from others. It would be better if we knew each other. Knowing each other, that’s telepathy.

There does not need to be this “review board” in everyone’s heads that decide whether Who You Are is able to be manifested through speech in public society. You should be able to be who you are, and then face the advantages or consequences of Who You Are.

Having this Rule where you have to live in your own world is not healthy for anyone. People should know each other, and be known themselves.

Who are you? As a radical, as a true soul, I challenge you to post one thing in the next few minutes without thinking about it too much that you always keep to yourself because you don’t want society to ostracize you.

Who are you? Does anyone even know? Or are you just living in your own world? That’s the meaning of atomization. I’d like to know who you are.

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