A concrete way it could be said we’re living in a post-death of God time is the “bearded man in the sky” mythology has been in the process of being refined. Vulgar atheists aren’t wrong when they criticize that conception, which was popular among pre-mystical peasants. That same impulse has transferred today to the more immanent domain of the Wise Old Man figure. Even Darwin had a beard. Was he in the sky? He might as well be, the way certain many secularists treat him, either implicitly/subconsciously or not. Karl Marx more than anyone falls into this category, of the divine bearded man. Is it something to mock, this tendency among people? I don’t think so necessarily, it’s a remnant of rangordnung in an otherwise fallen age. Nietzsche had that mustache, it’s not a beard, still, same dynamic at play. It’s a human thing to look up to people, it isn’t something to be mocked. In our time, after trying to refine this vague concept of the anthropomorphic god using scientificity we’ve lost something as well. Easiest way to understand this for many is to wonder if Marx’s ideas are grounded in anything transcendent, i.e. if alienation and exploitation are “bad” what is it that makes them bad—more precisely, and this is crucial, what is it that makes bad “bad”? Serious question. I genuinely would appreciate to hear some random self-titled socialist who really has the bearded man Marx in mind giving them support and confidence to answer that. Because it seems they’ll always be brought back to some divine referent if the dialectic is pushed. So in reality Marx is merely a messiah, and God is something else above him. The real bearded man in the sky does exist in a certain sense. Who “caused” or “created” the moral ideas that Marx represents? If that Being did, it probably doesn’t a beard, though its earthly manifestation might. Plato’s Form with a beard, heh. This is a result of living in cultures where for millennia before books and monotheism we had fathers and grandfathers who represented divine wisdom. We’ve returned to that pre-transcendental pastoral culture with “wise men”. In most cases people don’t have the attention-span for Marx so they trust a professor who does. Or a legacy publication or audiovisual program, this is our new bearded man in the sky. We ought to reflect on the one we believe in now in a similar way that atheists view the god of the Bible. Is it a vague concept in your mind, appealing to experts essentially without contemplating what those experts’ ideas mean yourself? Can it be refined? How can you be your own kind of bearded man in the sky? Instead of cultivating mysticism, we just changed experts, and it isn’t clear that the current ones now are better than the old man in the sky of the Bible. In most cases people will read this very post and simply tell themselves that their bearded man in the sky is preferable to the Bible’s, and they will believe this on faith and nothing else.

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