Applying this idea to the KGB

I first yandex “paranormal studies”. We have that connotation about secret science of the Soviets, right? Psi-phenomena. I’m hoping to find something like those precogs from that movie Minority Report

No such luck so far. I have read a couple times, expectedly, that they had a policy of destroying documents rather than keeping them filed away for decades like we do.

This is an intriguing question to see

In 2014 it was announced that some documents would not be released to the public for 30 years, so 2044 I wonder what we’ll discover.

Documents from 1941 were released in 1998 if that tells you anything. You know we’re not too different from them, docs on the 1953 Iran coup weren’t released until 60 years later.

What else happened in the world in 1953?

Nonetheless, someone by the name of Mitrokhin leaked some 25,000 pages after the collapse of the USSR. We have an idea of how many covert operations our CIA engaged in after the war until the early 90s, I wonder if the KGB has a similar record, they were known as the other world power after all.

There’s this

Apparently they bugged Henry Kissinger, I wonder what they learned from that.

Looks like for them there’s something similar with the Chinese princelings

We have this ultra gruesome portrait of the USSR as it is, so I wonder what they’re hiding that could make it even worse. All the ones who moved to the US after that… What is this, it’s like we’re living in a Forgiveness Program or something. I don’t forgive you for gulagging reactionaries. “Chip off the old block” some of these migrants.

Isn’t that kind of disturbing to think about? That they simply changed their names to something American-sounding, or Israeli-sounding.

Many of them just settled in the next country over and got away with it scot-free, and began building the New Khazaria

Early nineties, fall of the USSR – early though a bit later nineties, rise of Khazaria, they didn’t skip a beat.

Oh well, we’ll know in 2044, when it’ll be too late and no one will care, just like no one cares about the 1953 Iran coup now. The USSR was the perfect crime, the only one blamed today is Stalin, and none of his lackeys. We can see something similar today with what we keep classified. We know the names of the heads of the CIA and FBI, and many of them just post like normal people on twitter, what about all the ones who killed thousands, sometimes millions of people in other countries, spied on citizens here for decades, interfered in elections since the JFK hit, are only planning to start more wars in other countries, etc. etc. – we won’t know about them until “2044” when they’ll probably all be dead anyway? Doesn’t seem right. Who’s in charge of all that intel? The very ones that it would incriminate? Sounds like a normal government we should accept, right? I bet even leftists and pious neolibs would love to feast their eyes on “2020 from the perspective of the covert agencies”. Some of them can sense that the regime that they’re part of requires KGB-like classifications in order to preserve itself, and they don’t admit that they don’t really mind that.

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