Brave new world – can’t even go to nature to have a talk outside the hearing-range of the state

Would you expect this?

I have my own idea of intelligence-gathering. You wouldn’t have heard about this during the reign of Dubya

This happened in 2001, causing many to start writing online

the Iranian government, which had strict controls in place for the print media and had shut down as many as 100 print newspapers

Look at this new show, it’s always the opposite of what I want!

Protagonist Tamar Rabinyan, a young Jewish woman born in Iran but raised in Israel, is a Mossad agent and computer hacker on an undercover mission in the Iranian capital to disable a nuclear reactor. Her objective is neutralizing Iranian air defenses so that Israeli warplanes can bomb a nuclear plant and prevent Iran from obtaining an atomic bomb.

My thinking is that there must be sites on the Iranian internet with the other side of the story. We never see that. The show above is all too typical. And if you ask me that’s just not entertaining.

Is there a version of livejournal that MENA people use? Some of the only people I want to listen to in the world at this point.

Even this looks interesting

No I don’t want to hear what your “Mosque” has to say.

I also read that the Iranian government made thousands of blogs, so you have to separate the wheat from the chaff somehow. Saudiwoman is probably like that TV show above, a fed. I’m not even clicking it because I already know.

I did click this one

One of the first results on the page – is this some kind of anti-zionist media?

“Slay princess”?

Huh, this is getting closer to what I’m looking for

I think not everyone knows that until 1979 Iran was a completely pro-Western state.

The patriotically oriented people of Iran did not like living under the humiliating kagal of the Elder Brother, because under the pernicious influence of the decaying west, spiritual bonds were very corroded. They did not want to put up with the arbitrariness of the bourgeois-fascist filth, which dictated its terms to them, and therefore all gathered together, and held a referendum on self-determination.

Anti-American, anti-Israeli tirades, where are they? The Iranian government couldn’t be too concerned about citizens writing on that theme?

I find this kind of thing on interesting blogs too – yandex has its limits

How about engines not hosted on territories owned by certain central banks?

slowly slowly finding minds outside of their control….

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