I guess Marxism doesn’t sound too bad when you put it that way

Goys are intrinsically their proles? No thanks.

Remember this, from my post on the internet in Indonesia?

If we had the kind of technology… we could use it to find sites to our liking on the MENA internet. Crawls their engines for keywords. Is there tech now that can determine quality too? Because I find lots of sites that are a waste of time. I’m eating a BLT as I type this for instance, and some of these people probably don’t eat BLTs, can’t be too bright.

Then I see something like this that I’d never see on google

Control of Bollywood too? That’s definitely an investigation for the future. Those Iraqi Jews had a strong presence in India in the 1800s, I wonder if they still do.

These posters tend to see the US president and the state of Israel as connected, in a way that we’re blind to here. They exist outside of our political frame. While it’s brutal to say, what we think of as the “left” here is really just people with excessively jewed brains, and the right is people with somewhat less jewed brains, and then there’s a minority that’s relatively free, and they are similar to the way of thinking of some of these Muslims I find. Put differently, the Muslims seem to tend to be aware of who the enemy is, while most in the west have been deceived into seeing them as their friend. While americans are shouting at each other over which zionist they prefer to administer over the jew-controlled institutions, Muslims are going, “Look at those zogpeople, sad! Why do they have the bombs? Quit bombing us.” Few want to admit this. It’s very clear to me that this is the reality. They control the screens, the schools, the capital, did you think you had a chance? It’s still not too late to deprogram (I say with hesitance, in the spirit of wishful thinking) Heh heh you have a chance to escape the psychic cage heh heh yeah…

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