I wonder if the controversies are going to change at all once we get to 2030. I just think back to being a teenager in college courses and what people found controversial then. There’s a rangordnung of viscerality for controversies. Abortion, that “gets people going”, the death penalty, sometimes the idea of cloning triggers people. Back in 2010 even questioning the divinity of Christ seemed almost too controversial. I can’t help it, I constantly feel like I’m laughing AT my readers. At least I’m a real person, most philosophy professors only pretend they’re not laughing at you. In 2010 those concepts were discussed because more controversial ones couldn’t be. The Jewish Question was always there. That was so beyond the bounds it was better to question Christianity. And not much has changed a decade later. I don’t mean to laugh at you, I genuinely wonder, are you scared? If we were in a class together and the prof started writing on the board in marker about the JQ like he did any other controversial subject, what would you do, leave, go out the door? I’d be watching you with a smirk on my face as you left. Are you doing okay? What’s wrong? He’s not even talking about modern times, it’s ancient events, medieval events, can’t we talk about those like we do any other time in history? They always have to transfer the blame somehow, they’d definitely be getting F’s if they could even bring themselves to write essays on it. “It’s white people’s fault!!” Be honest with me, have you read any history books since high school textbooks? “That doesn’t matter!” -storms out of room- I liked that experience in the 2010s seeing people like this have meltdowns, about ideas that aren’t even that controversial, sometimes I’d share a “knowing glance” with the profs. That’s pretty much our entire professional caste, they just can’t have what we see as a casual conversation without reacting irrationally. 50-something year old, dignified-acting millionaires who create media for your children are living in this world of emotion. They can’t get out of it either, if my observations of humanity over the years tell me anything. They might see a post like this and still react the same way that this post diagnoses and mocks, to storm out of the room and write how white people are evil! Stick with being a merchant, in some cases science if it isn’t social science, you have too many neuroses for anything else.

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  1. In the jewellery manufacturing quarter of Birmingham there’s a place called the “JQ Bar and Grill.”
    Always have a little smile when I walk past it.


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