Certain goys I like to laugh with the most, they tend to have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a certain psychology to match. Unless there’s an uprising that involves a recapitulation of the holocaust we probably won’t have that anymore. Meds have their own sense of humor too that I’ll miss. Aryans, Meds, Islamists. There’s a certain best from worst here among goys. Let’s just admit that we like to see blonde hair blue eye people. They’re good to see in society. Then it starts getting drearier. You don’t want to see those Italians either do you Nazis? I can understand that. They want to bring us farther to hell with the races who evolved even outside of Europe. Do any of them read books? No, and you can’t bring that question up in any mainstream publication. “WHY?!” It’s because Jews themselves live with the idea in their mind that they’re a nigger who has to live in the lands of people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Jews look like disgusting greasy creatures, haven’t you ever looked at one of them? ~dialectics~ too many misuse this word- sickening jews are shot during WW2, they bribe the rest of the world to kill the people who accuse them of their historical crimes, and now we live in a time where jews should be worshipped regardless of their pre-WW2 history. What happened before then? I’m sure you have enough goy scrubs to be your scribes and document that. We really love goblin looking people telling us what the Good is. Didn’t you all run away to the US? What was that about? To my understanding, you screw people over and then use their money to control their media. Or are you too much of a kike to see that? “It’s better for them.” So if you were confronted with a camera in front of you in real life, you’d talk freely about how everything is controlled? No, there’s no chance, you only want to file Jews away in the classified filing cabinet so no one knows about what you’re doing in the present-day. “No way! We’re not kikes who deserved the Holocaust!” They are, buy weapons and ammunition.

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