Trying to understand Eastern Europe and Russia, looking for that Bristow book

Before, during, and after the USSR it appears there’s been sex-trafficking of blonde hair blue eyes girls in particular by another particular of phenotype.

Sweet, I found an ebook that mentions Bristow

The contents

“You really have it out for us don’t you?” Apparently they were (are) involved in as much mafia activity as eyetalians, and look who all the blame is put on. Just what a criminal would do.

In trying to find info on that Bristow book I’m finding that Jewish women themselves were disproportionately prostitutes, which might explain some things about our state-religion as well. It’s the Jewish pimps that orchestrated all this, whether the women were jews or goys. I just want to know the prewar history of Poland alright? If it’s true that Auschwitz was (((brothel central))) then that’s significant for what we believe today to say the least.

Remember, even Yandex is censored by them, so getting the facts right about Russian and Eastern European Jewry, pre- and post-war, isn’t going to be easy.

From what I can determine so far, the “labor slave trade” of America was coordinated by Sephardis, and the sex slave trade was coordinated by both the Sephardim and Ashkenazim – interestingly, one thing I saw about their rivalry is that Sephardim used to keep Ashkenazim as house-servants, so the contemporary marginalization of the former today might be revenge for that. Get on my bad side and I’m going to find out everything about you.

The Polish King Casimir and the “mischling blood alliance”

His reign began in 1333 of all years. This can’t be real – Esterka… Esther…

Another succubus?

Between 1333 and 1933 what happened?

Many Polish noble families, as the Lubienski, Niemir, Niemiryez, Niemirowski, claim to be their descendants.

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