Well fellas it’ll probably take years to write a real thorough genealogy.

Step by step

The role of Jews in the Slavic slave trade of the early Middle Ages

Is this really the standard story?

What’s the other side of this

The bulk of the Slavic slave trade was carried out by the Jews through the Rakhdania trading corporation. 


there is a connection between the disappearance of the Radanites and the fall of the Khazar Kaganate

I wish I could just post a youtube video that explains all this. Good luck finding an honest one.

Are the Radanites related to the Iraqi Jews, the Sassoons, Kadoories?

You think one people couldn’t possibly be responsible for so much sinful criminal activity and then you just keep finding more and more evidence. … Yeah, youtube is crap, don’t even bother. Another interesting thing to note about that is one finds an over-emphasis on the 1492 expulsion of Sephardis from Spain. Out of the hundred or so they bring that one up more than others… something to do with Ashkenazim scapegoating their cousins, distracting the goyim from the otha expulsions!

What did we do that we had to flee to Eastuhn Europe, and then what did we do to make people hate us there next??

Anyway, their slave routes were documented by a Medieval Muslim historian, Ibn Khordadbeh

I find lots of connection on Yandex’s “cyclowiki

The presence of a “rootless cosmopolitan” in the Medieval times

So much to click on this cyclowiki page

If only there could be one honest “Jewish Studies” department in a Western university – imagine that!! Wow!!

If there were a suspicious percentage of Portuguese among our ruling-class I’d want to study them just as thoroughly – the hostility and indifference for studies such as these is telling of the slave-nature of most people. They were enslaving whites in Medieval times, and they are again in Modern times. These ones today are relatively voluntary–how sickening!

And not just mental slavery either

The Jews are now selling Slavic girls into sexual slavery. The destination is brothels in Israel, the emirates and other countries.

We’re just examining their history for now, to help us understand who they are today

It is known, and L. Gumilev confirms this, that in the IV-X centuries the trade between Europe, China, India and Iran was fully owned by Jewish merchants… Extremely risky trade travels necessarily relied on a powerful military cover and a government base that ensured the stability of the trade monopoly. The Khazar Kaganate, which for a long time was under the complete control of the Jewish community, was such a state base for the Jews.

Reminds me of how British India was the state base for Sassoon&co. “Put all the blame on the Muslims, put all the blame on the Anglos”.

Sounds accurate

Kolomoisky, Rabinovich and other oligarchs are modern Radanites in Ukraine! The leaders of the united Jewish community in Ukraine also follow the path of the biblical Joseph, Mordechai and … Rothschilds!

Radanites, Khazaria, prewar Poland, Esther of Persia, all ideas for “the genealogists of the future”.

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