Just grinning over “icy takes” that I have that people don’t want to hear. If you don’t speak perpetually in euphemisms you’re considered tasteless. On the contrary I think it’s tasteful to speak directly. Everyone wants to be an intellectual and they deny you that right. To pursue the real American Dream, which is Emersonian in nature. If your discourse is confined to the presuppositions of the superstructure then you are a pseudo-intellectual. And that’s what they want from you. Everyone in their hearts wants to be an intellectual, or the more artsy-types prefer to call it a poet or something like that, pretty much the same thing, they don’t want you to truly be that, because that entails criticizing them. If all you can do is defend them, defend the belief-structure they have in place you’re a pseudo-intellectual, an ineloquent failed poet. You might as well be working for Facebook and not getting paid for it. This is what many people think of as their “unique personality”. Slaving away as a facebook admin for free, that’s YOU! You’re a pseud, and an intellectual slob, your gut hangs out in every word you say. And you only have one life, this is your one life that you’re using, and you’re going to close your eyes for the last time some day and that will be what you did, repeat the exact ideas that you were supposed to in order to survive in the regime you found yourself in, and in many cases without any guilt, that’s how much of an automaton you are, you have the level of subjectivity of a conventional toaster. Yup, I’m done with euphemisms, you’re a pseudo-intellectual.

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