The Volk represents to me “being able to have a good conversation”.

Only white people, and certain meds they want to kill, understand our sense of humor.

It’s funny how the same people who want us gone are only able to speak because they live in our countries, imagine that.

“So if jews were sent to israel, blacks to africa, hispanics to south america, they’d have nothing left?”

Look at all you pure niggers. Look at yourselves. You live in huts or you have to live in other people’s countries. How pathetic is that? Look at you!

“We’re here because you oppressed us.” – Is that what they told you to believe about your humiliating existence? You were kicked out of hundreds of countries or lived in places where there were no toilets, you have no dignity.

“We deserve Israel.” – Do you? I study jewish history and you seem like an immoral person century after century after century until the present day. The fact that you hide all that only shows that you’re still the same person today. If you were shot in the head no one who actually matters would care.

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