There must be a reason that Ukraine fragmented from the USSR. Is it its own new world in a way?

They speak their own language there.

I want to know more about the time before the USSR and its collapse.

There are a bunch of Ukrainian search engines. This is the Ukrainian word for Khazaria – Хазарія. Also, is it a coincidence that the words Khazaria and Kazakhstan sound so similar? These countries probably have books on Khazaria that differ from Russia’s.

Rightists seem to only have the “joke” about Khazar Milkers, they don’t know anything about Khazaria. Same with talking about ZOG and not knowing too much about Israel. Let’s change that. The following is something that we need to determine is a conspiracy theory or not, this is important for geopolitics, our ongoing wars in the middle east, etc.

Israel Shamir for instance drew my attention to a hidden event where tens of thousands of Moroccan Jewish children were irradiated because they were seen as undesirable by the ones in charge of the promised land. Some of the non-khazarian jews of the diaspora might have more of a claim to being the ancient hebrews, the Sephardis for instance, and they tend to be marginalized, given the worst land, housing, jobs, etc. for eugenic reasons.

Where were we though- there’s one theory that the Khazars (650-969) converted to Judaism because pagans weren’t respected by the other great kingdoms of the time, the Christian Byzantine Empire (330-1453) and Islamic Abassid Caliphate (750-1258). For reference, the Christianization of the Vikings took place between the 8th-12th centuries. That Monotheism was going around. The Khazars didn’t leave many writings behind so it’s difficult to know why or even whether they converted to Judaism. It is said that Bulan initiated Judaism in 740, and that by the 760s much of the Khazar nobility had converted.

As one strange book has it,

I’d like to find a standalone book on Bulan if this is accurate

Too many tabs to sort through, what I’m really interested in is the Khazarian connection with the Radhanites and the possible relation between that and future “trade” routes.

Eh I found an interesting looking book unrelated to that on the Ukrainian internet – look who this author is affiliated with heh

Platonov, the one they took to trial over writing about the Protocols and publishing the Ivan the Terrific book. We’re finding a nice web of pleasant people it seems. Maybe the Ukrainian internet is a better place to find a book on Sviatoslav too?

See this waterway under Constantinople? Kinda neat

Except lots of Slavic slaves probably passed through there. They traded lots of furs too apparently. That’s for another time.

It’s all to understand this population distribution ultimately

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