Spiciness levels off the charts, at least in my twisted (borderline-schizophrenic) world

“Why don’t you talk about the different types of Chinese princelings instead?” Because I’m not living in China. “Why don’t you talk about our Congress then?” Who can’t our congresspersons criticize publicly? They must be real powerful people if they can’t do that! I can’t help the fact that Italians are known for Parmesan (which I’m enjoying at this moment) and Jews are known for enslaving people. Well they invented the atomic bomb too. I’ll be happy when people are as familiar with their history of slavery as they are with parmesan.

At the beginning of the 8th century, rabbis from Byzantium arrived to their fellow believers in Semender… but their mission of converting the Khazars into semi-proselytes was unsuccessful. Then the Byzantine (Sephardic) rabbis seduced the Khazar military leader Bulan into Judaism…

Do you enjoy mental slavery as much as you enjoy parmesan? Well here is a possible origin of the Ashkenazim.

“Mmm I love parm!” – says everybody

“Mmm I love slavery!” – says no one

power passed into the hands of the ruling stratum, which consisted of descendants (these descendants later became Ashkenazi) of Sephardic Jews who immigrated to Khazaria and the Khazar nobility converted to Judaism (and also, apparently, children from mixed marriages). Then, as the Arab historian says, “Jews from different Islamic countries and from Rome began to flock to [Khazaria]”

So much for a history of oppression

The true monopoly in the field of international trade during the “recovery” of Islam (VII of-the X century) were Jewish merchants radhanite ( who know the way)… After leaving the control of Byzantium Sephardic moneylenders began to freely manipulate the money market of the Western Empire.

So they were usurers in the Byzantine Empire too?

Another piece of the puzzle

The basis of the Radhanites was made up of immigrants from the Babylonian Jewish diaspora.

Leechers and general scam-artists in Babylon too if you consult that Arabic Goodreads.

Why I find these sorts of sites only in the Russian language

At the end of the 8th and the beginning of the 9th centuries, the Jewish (Sephardic) revolution took place in Khazaria (by the way, this is where the Ashkenazi drew their experience for the coup of 1917 in Russia). 

Yeah I’d suggest clicking that hyperlink if you click any today, very informative, and not much there they’ll teach you in our universities. We are only taught about a vague idea of the USSR and evil brutal Russians, not the ones who constituted the KGB- nor are we taught about the proto-USSR, NOR are we taught about where their descendants live now (hint- the main degeneracy hubs of the US).

Another one the (real) Russians always bring up that I’d like to find a hagiography on is Vladimir II Monomakh (1053-1125). So we have a nice collection getting STARTED here- him, Sviatoslav I Igorevich (943-972), and Ivan the Terrifying (1530-1584). There must be, what, 106 more of them, approximately?

This seems significant for understanding them

The first factual information about the resettlement of Jews to Poland dates back to the end of the 11th century, and everything that is reported about the earlier stay of the Jews is legendary… in the early days there was an immigration of Jews to Poland from the eastern countries, mainly from the Khazar kingdom

This writer calls the Sephardis the natural jews, and the ashkenazis the new jews. Either way, both types are frequently exiled from countries, so it must be at least something to do with their favorite books, call it a hunch.

Now where have we heard this one before

The Rakhdonite community (Jewish usurers and merchants)… raised a rebellion in order to seize power. It was supported by the power of the Rakhdonites and sectarians-Mazdakids (their banner was a blood-red banner with a five-pointed star). This heresy was very similar to much later Marxism, it argued that all people are equal before God and, accordingly, all people should be equal on earth, therefore it is necessary to redistribute property in favor of the disadvantaged. In words, everything seems to be fine, but in reality, but in alliance with the Rakhdonites, it turned out very disgusting – in the captured cities there was merciless terror, crowds of rebels massacred both the right and the guilty, while the houses of the usurers and slave traders of the Rakhdonites were not touched. On the contrary, amid the general devastation and massacre, they literally grew rich before our very eyes.

Our American Soviets probably wouldn’t mind if rioting escalated to immense bloodshed- for now they’re content with subtler means of wiping out populations. I for one don’t think a future Sviatoslav should be so subtle when dealing with them. The sneaky ones only deserve more brutal punishment.

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