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wutz this

There’s a place for hero epics, there’s also a place for pure parody as well. Some of these russkies get me laughing.

I’m enjoying this one right now for instance

So they did that again huh? I wonder if there was something like that in the Byzantine Empire too.

The use of condescending scare-quotes is my weakness, there are definitely ways to frame these scenarios into humorous movies

After the robbery of the Persian Empire, the “Persian” Jews from the tribe of Simon, loaded with loot to the very top, were again left “without a homeland” and went to wander further across the World…

then the owners very convincingly asked the Jews to leave the borders of the country, having tasted all the “delights” of coexistence with them.

Another parallel – one of the reasons for the downfall of Khazaria which has resonance with our occupation of the middle east

After a series of betrayals, the Slavic-Russian alliance known as the Russian Khaganate suffered heavy losses and stopped paying tribute to the Rachdonite Jews with the blood of its soldiers.

They monopolized the Silk Road. The remoteness of that era would be perfect for reasons of subtlety. Do you know how many household items there are you’d never expect to be owned by Hyksos, you’d be baffled. We could use their control of the Silk Road, and their label as “Khazarians” to avoid the censors in some kind of show like the one linked to above. What would Marx do, Marxists, lemme know. You have your reasons, I have mine.

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