I remember this one reactionary girl I used to follow years ago, and she never mentioned “them” until I DMed her, and she referred to them as “the Tribe” and didn’t go into detail, and that was surprising to me, because at that time, maybe 2013, I still wasn’t sure if it was a “conspiracy” or not. Are people still in that mindset where they’re just afraid to talk about them? That must be a real criminal group then, I’m glad I incessantly put them into question if they cause that environment of fear. A woman saying it, that’s something else, you never see that. Don’t mention the Tribe, only demonstrate your agreement with their (enforced) policies. They sure are people I have lots of respect for if they do that. Would you call that the “ideal government” operating in that way? That’s the kind of government you’re supposed to rebel against, and if you don’t then you’re one of the NPCs of history. If they had actual royal magnanimity, they’d make some kind of statement where they said, Look, we don’t want you to live in this state of fear. Yes, we monopolize various important institutions in your society, and we want to hear what you think about it. You don’t have to be afraid. And… of course they’re not going to do that. They’ve developed a double-consciousness that goys don’t really understand. I’ve seen many that I know have read my writings personally and they agree with me about certain things secretly and then continue to use their false victim status and high verbal IQ to denounce “white supremacy”, i.e. the very ones who are aware of Jewish supremacy consciously distract from that and try to lower their main rivals even further down. They do this, with no question of conscience at all. Goys don’t understand that. That’s the real meaning of “we’ve been found out”. They know rangordnung better than anyone, and they use it to heighten their place in the world and to drive the ones close to them on the rung down into the dirt, they do this deliberately with full awareness of what they’re doing. They’re not trying to bring about equality, they’re trying to preserve Jewish supremacy, their planetary criminal gang, at the expense of their main host country before they move on to do the same thing in the next country, using the same tricks they’ve used since ancient times. If you’re an active part of their scheme and you’re not one of them, what do you expect to get out of that? They’re using you, and when your country is destroyed they’re going to leave you behind, as they’ve done to the countless other dupes like you.

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