Imagining some random Farabian muslim who found this site getting the idea to find a pig in an underground bitcoin market so he can try to fry bacon and make a BLT. There’s its own crypto-society that consists of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Confucians, Hindus, that know about these ideas. What does a Confucian think of the West? That’s only those of the priest-order can know. Of course I invite you to say whatever you want in public. That’s controlled by priests. What am I or we? We’re like them and they disagree with us. If you see the cruel things I’ve said over the years and think, “Eh I guess, true” then you are someone like this, possibly a heretic, and heretics hate labels being put on them, so how about non-labelist? “That’s a label too” – so I know who you are then? If you are angered, if you relate to this, that separates you, and you can examine that emotion to determine whether you are one of the heretical priests I speak of. The word “God” is similar to this. Do we think of it with that particular word? No, and what the demos thinks of it we are even further away from. There’s a reality above even the heretic-priests themselves, this is something you’ll never see in the news. You have the hoi polloi on one level. Then you have the orthodox opinion and what the MSM wants them to believe. Then you get another level of people that understand that orthodoxy and disagree. Then you get the various disagreements between the heretical priests. After that there is God. Do I claim to know God? NO, absolutely not. I only intend to show that there is a heretic caste of priest-types that are between God and the demos. Do we all agree with each other? Those who disagree seem extremely distant from God, that’s just my daily observation, and they can never directly offer advice, so I have to wonder about their integrity. They try to covertly coerce you with violence, that if you remark upon certain ideas you will be imprisoned, possibly in gitmo. That’s the ever-present reality- disagree with us and you go to prison. You’re kikes, which is a certain breed of nigger, and if you were murdered without a trace, that would be good for the Earth over all. It’s true. Do you disagree? So write a book about it, because I’ve never seen one that proves you deserve to be alive at this time.

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