If Chabad is responsible for the ideo-material conditions we see in the West, then I have to deduce that they are not among the 600,000 who have souls themselves.

Yep this is hellworld, we can still be thankful though that we are able to access a good portion of the knowledge of the world (acquiring disappeared books would just be a gratuitous blessing) and get wiser and wiser- this is to partake of the divine.

I find myself this morning trying to find a study on monks who secretly read Aristotle during the Medieval Age. Because for those of us who are interested in “fringe politics” those are a highbrow “spiritual family” of ours across time.

Here are condemnations that took place in 1200s France that we could use as a starting clue

(David of Dinant)

There was a war between Aristotelians during those times – Saint Thomas wasn’t too fond of David

“The French Question”

On the one hand the University of Paris was being made the scene of an organized attempt to foist the Arabian pantheistic interpretation of Greek philosophy on the schools of Latin Christendom.

This is so weird when you think of those squiggly languages I post sometimes

Pretty sure they’re the ones to ask about this

We’re still playing telephone game today!

Look at this strange “conversation” – the following screenshot was translated from Persian

I’d like some Persian books on the cathedral translated into English, so I guess I can relate.

Do you know how controversial it is to even talk like this? If you see the way some card-carrying Zionists talk about Iranians you’ll believe that one post on Purim about how they want to drink Persian blood.

You’re not supposed to read their books, we’re supposed to MURDER THEM ALL! What are you some kind of traitor to the righteous cause?

Some of them have unfortunate names, let’s try to be mature here

Why isn’t there a Platonic dialogue with a Persian?!

Did Socrates get wrecked? I’d love to see their take on him.

For the “Aryan feminist society”

Her name was بانو وُرتا

Ugh the Iranian internet is so frustrating, I’m about to ragequit. They need millennial techies over there to bring them into the 21st century, not drone strikes, believe it or not.

“What’s the story with how you got those Greek texts anyway?” “You had someone debate Socrates and Aristotle?” No chance in hell an Iranian search engine is going to answer these questions easily. I’m sure the Mossad only subverts their advancement in tech too. Oh yeah that reminds me, I still want to find some Mossad bloopers from MENA writers.

Anyway back to the initial idea in this post, I’m still trying to figure out whether they were smuggled by Persians or what

The religion of Zarathustra must have facilitated this somehow? The Greeks were enemies of all the Abrahamisms so enthusiasts had to be covert until recently in history. Still to this day in certain respects (cf. the myth of the metals).

Islam rose in the early 600s, so there were just a few centuries when these Greek books could have survived.

One example

I keep finding Christians that deny book-burning happened throughout history, yeah like I’d believe book-burners.

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