Still recurrently find myself in awe at the potential for study that the internet and translation technology has. It’s unprecedented. Less than 1% of the world population speaks five languages fluently. Google translate allows one to speak over a hundred languages.

Here is the word for “Radhanite” in Arabic – الرذنية
Russian – Радханиты
Hebrew – רדהנים
French – Radhanites (same word, they traded with them too)

Chinese for “Khazar”, it’s a start – 可萨

I’m finding lots of unique perspectives on Baidu

You have to be effin kidding me

Do you know what other dynasty was thriving during the time of the Radhanites? The Tang, that is, the one with numerous emperors named Li 李. Khazaria and Tang collapsed about the same time too. Was this where our present international cabal originated? The Silk Road?

Here is a figurine from the Tang era, of a “foreign merchant”

Yandex and Google are going to be more biased than Baidu on this, so that’s where I’m going next.

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