U mad bro U mad?

Something bother you about that place?

Who do these people look like? It might as well be a surviving fascist regime

This makes them so mad

THIS gives them a conniption fit

So many badthinkers. Even if they bothered nobody they’d still not rest easy because of the mere fact that they exist at all.

The following logic seems pretty simple, ready? One of the noblest pursuits of being human is sovereignty. Everyone wants to be the kingpin of the Rothschilds. What’s next best? Being able to criticize them, being able to criticize “Li”. Which brings me to my point. If you can’t criticize Li while living in China, and you can’t criticize Stein while living in the US, where can you criticize both, technically? Seems like Iran. Might say Syria too, thing is I don’t want to live in a warzone. Want personal sovereignty during “world” rule of both West and East? Iran seems to be the place. “Yeah what about criticizing the Iranian government? That could get you executed.” What’s there to criticize if they administer a country that allows for criticism of the two world superpowers? The leaders of Iran seem like the kings of the world, in that light. I have nothing to say against them if they run a country with citizens that openly mock the US and ZOG. The heroes of the world and the zoglings act like the opposite is true.

I’m not sure it would be so bad if this happened

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