Typed Maimonides into Abjjad (Arabic Goodreads), because that’s probably a way to find the bigbrain MENAs

This one has the the theory that Zionism is a battle between Maimonides and Spinoza – do tell?! Not something you’re going to be finding in a shiny Yale Press book. And yet so relevant. At least potentially. Those are their two greatest minds (unless you count bankers).

Then I try to type the same thing into that other site I found, that was even better than Abjjad, and it’s been down since I mentioned it..

They easily have it within their power to do an “online book-burning”.

Imagine the personal bookshelves of certain Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian professors. Go ahead and delete them off the internet, are you going to kill every bespectacled 60-something in these countries? The “Wise Old Man” – they’ve tricked us into seeing Einstein as that for building bombs to kill or intimidate people like them. Nah, if we crudely draw a line and split Knowledge in half, there’s science and art, and I’ve learned from those who represent the art side to question all of this. Art is most fundamentally “making”, and you made all of this up. You can’t be such bad artists if you fooled so many people I have to give you that.

We’re still trying to get the science precise with all of this, there are patterns we can detect, I just treat it as a kind of art for now, that those interested can muse on

Some I’ve seen include Southern Italy with J2, that might help you get the picture somewhat. I hope to swim in the Mediterranean someday. A seastead between Italy and Greece? Don’t even mention that idea, I’ll lose it. “An Israel for the Meds”. Reminds me, I liked seeing the Coptics in this one

I always wonder if you can zoom-in on some of the images I post. Here’s the link if you can’t.

The way I see it, and it’s kind of like an “UR-Realpolitik” is that it’s about farming. Certain people learn how to “make animals hunt for them” so to speak. And that frees up mental faculties, that can be devoted to loftier pursuits. And then others learn how to use human beings as cattle… And if any of them learn how to talk and tell the other cattle what’s happening, guess what? You’re dead, they only want dumb cattle, otherwise you’re just a wild animal, not meant for the Farm.

Another one for the “art gallery”

Looking at the first image of Eurasia, whether it’s accurate science or not, can’t you intuitively sense in a certain way that Iran is closer to the West than the East? They’re trying to eliminate anyone who disagrees with them in that family-group we see in the blue in the first image there. Russia, check, Italy, check, Iran–you’re next. Some might think of it as “We’re next.”

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