That’s the ultimate farce they try to sell, that one day you will find authentic kinship with bankers, hut-dwellers, or liberal-shills in general. Yeah I want to spend 50 years with you. You like to think outside the order that the money-ocracy imposes on you huh? I’d love to spend 50 years of my life with people who submit to conformism, you’re so hot. 50 years with someone who advocated for lobotomy. Wow, look at you, not someone who is a sperm rag to be thrown in the trash. You need to follow the overlords and eliminate consciousness, alright, wow, you’re so hot, you’re not an ugly crone, keep talking. “I’m a capital-cog” – yeah and you’re a nasty hag too. I puke on your face. I shoot you in the head and leave your corpse there for the animals to eat, because that’s all you’re worth. Greetings, you’re one of the puppets of the zionist regime, is that you? It’s probably you. Lobotomy good, kill whites, jews Divine, never question, be slave, make capital, keep going, post affirmative idea for Jack, tell self good, not selling soul, keep doing same thing, we good. White kike who lives based on monetary gain. Jews don’t have spiritual superiority, they have been good at screwing people over. “How’d you get that money?” “That is illegal to discuss, you will be going to prison if you pursue that matter further.” Kike. Objectively. How does it feel to be a kike? Does it make you sympathize with other peoples who are incapable of cognition? Me me me, that’s all you are. Admit that we only want to kill you because you deserve it, you vermin.

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