The Wall-E future of hovering wheelchairs. That’s the direction the US is going. Children are reincarnations, they want yours brown and thus with less attention-span, probably lots of sportsball in the future. Morbidly obese and brown without much of a spark of thought going on. Meanwhile you think the Warburgs and DuPonts are going to be similar? Probably thin, ((white)), mentally quick, making money off the sportsball games, Larry Moe and Curly level entertainments, and factory farmed chicken wings, more and more frequently General Tso’s and szechuan style. Better reincarnations for them, worse ones for you. Hedonismbrain is for the rabble, they need those synapses to fire in theirs for business, they need to be able to make witty retorts while playing golf on the moon, the fat brown masses only need to be able to eat, buy clutter, and be captivated by junk media of all sorts, and look at that, most of the white ones are already close to that, with jungle genetics they’ll be even more reminiscent of the average McDonalds and Walmart customer, truly the jewel in the crown of the peoples of the world. They’ll set the schools up so your own kids will look down on you for not wanting that to happen, their impressionable minds will be conditioned to be ashamed of you for not wanting the country to be quadruple-chinned, colored fecally, with the attention-span only geared for sportsball and reality tv. The worst things about stereotypical American culture are only going to be enhanced, that’s the future you can count on, and they’re only going to be advertised to you as improvements. And before you know it, your reincarnation will have not a thought in their head, a blank stare, occasionally laughing at the stupidest things, looking forward to eating like a pet at its bowl. Meanwhile the elites will remain relatively the same, more or less retaining the mental faculties that could define one as “human”. You? You? That won’t be you, do you even have many thoughts as it is? Those will be even less and less, a mind of static awaits.

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