Livejournal post on the death of Stalin, Purim, and the Book of Esther – insane twist of history if true. A would-be Sviatoslav who was taken out once he set his sights on another type of “reactionary”?

They don’t need to ship you off to Siberia today. They’ve perfected their Pavlovian methods. Most of the right is alt-lite, and might as well be liberals, pretty sad to see. They don’t need gulags, they instill fear and shame to achieve their goals. To the degree that- is there even a point in talking to them? Uh this is just my amusement like I’ve said. Brainwashed beyond salvation. They’ve just accepted it as Providence, it’s a form of Stockholm Syndrome, the fixation on surface-politics. It’s as if they shudder before the Sublime, certain questions leave them tongue-tied. It’s a form of theism, there are certain subjects that are transcendental to debate. “Who am I to question the ways of God Almighty?” That’s exactly how they act. To phrase it in more scientific terms, it’s a form of cognitive determinism. Their brains simply can’t think it. They’re permanent liberals. Pretty much indistinguishable from Fox or CNN watchers, with some nuance here and there. The fear of the axe on social media has fundamentally shaped their character and worldview. Schoolchildren who experienced corporal punishment themselves or watched ne’er-do-wells get beaten and learned how to “sit nice”. I myself prefer to sit alone in detention and scribble away in my journal about how pathetic you all are.

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