I downloaded a couple english PDFs on Iranian cinema and I didn’t even bother looking at them, because I just knew, the west is rotten to the core. So instead I looked around on the engine parsijoo.ir and found this post which is making me hate the west even more

He even cites Allan Bloom in it, so it’s not like there aren’t people with good books from our place in the world, even from some Jews, they’re just rare to find, and even rarer as you get closer to the present year.

This is one thing he says in the post

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Is that really so bad to say, even casually? What’s the alternative? The US is so atheistic and we just take it for granted. Atheism is the root of all our problems here. There’s no transcendental source to ground morality, and thus as a result, we don’t have morality. I’m not even speaking pragmatically. Morality is good. If God is required for morality then God is real, because morality is real. And we bomb these people.

Taking a look at the Persian alphabet, it isn’t so confusing (after staring at it for a while). Speaking in Persian, about the Kabbalists, because I love the Germans, that’s going to be my goal for the near future probably.

They call it the “Islamic Revolution” over there. 1979. Imagine if we had a Catholic Revolution after the hippies. Nope, we’re not living in that timeline. Judging by media from even the 90s, it seems like the last couple decades has been its own sort of second hippie revolution. We’re just getting worse and worse, further and further from God. And investing more and more money into killing abrahamists who have remained theists.

This is just some random post I found and I know that none of those english PDFs on Iranian cinema are going to speak like this whatsoever

All the main problems here that terrified weeping shivering liberals never mention is just normal conversation in the country that “we” designate as our greatest enemy.

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