Donald is a type of highlander which we know of from the Gibson movie. He is a warrior who pretends to be a professional. The president is supposed to be the “Wise Old Man” of the day, that’s what the founders intended, and Biden is not the sleepy old man who they want to represent WHITES today. “look at this stupid goy we have this irishman pretend to be you so you can learn a thing or two about immigration” – What, you mean like all the times you had to be immigrants because you don’t understand basic facts of the world outside of capital exploitation. Of course the pathetic marxists will never respond to this directly. Look at the “marxists”- both Marx and Nietzsche they try to prevent people from understanding. Judge me all you want, my current understanding is that Marx, Nietzsche, and Islam had a similar idea. “We disagree!” So why can’t you say exactly why? You have to resort to ad hominem and totalitarian banning in order for people to believe you. The current world order is more disgusting than Islam or Marxism. “We’re da chosen people, Nietzsche is a person we can’t say much about, we’re a real respected people in the world because we run banks that are primitive.

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