If you’re looking for someone to raise you as a kid,

if you want to be happy in life, the label “feminist” is something you should discard without question. If you destroy that idea they put in your mind you will probably be better off. “Why do you hate our freedom??” Poor sweetie, that isn’t what this is about. They use the “feminist” label as a method of control. “How do you mean?” Have you ever questioned feminism? Feminism and secularism are related. What is higher than you, you do not like, do you? I have a sharper perception than you, “feminists”, you can accept it or not, I have “you” in mind when I think these things, of course I care about how women will fare in the future. Not so good if we continue the present path.

You won’t be beautiful, you won’t be intelligent. Bankers and propagandists want you thinking this. You will be Beautiful and Intelligent if you are a NAZI. That’s the only way. I mean, what other goals are you looking for. Pretty, smart. The mainstream global order doesn’t want that. Beautiful, intelligent, I want to encourage women who are like this.

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