Today in east/west dialogues that never will occur



Most of the latter are histories, not about the present day.

There are a few about the present on amazon

Gesamtkunstwerk material?

They must have university departments on Islamic vs. “European” banking systems in Iran?

There are parallels between war in the middle east and the opium war – do business with us or we’ll kill you, adopt our banking system or we’ll kill you. I wonder how many loans are going to be taken out by ma n pa shops whose businesses were messed up by covid or riots, high interest rate, who cares, it’s necessary.

No way they’d ever “lend” an ear to these camel-riders

الربا – usury

Main question- are there professors in MENA who specialize on western banking? They’re the ones to find through etc. I was also looking yesterday for a department dedicated to zionism in general. Definitive textbooks on these subjects, who’s the best in the “business”?

What’s up doc

Just the first result on

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