That’s one of the ultimate hermeneutics of suspicion we have today – “What if the Muslims are closer to God than us?”

Examine yourself when I pose that question to you. It isn’t the same if I ask if Hindus or Buddhists are closer to God.

We have visceral existential concern if the questions is asked regarding any of the Abrahamic religions. “What if the Christians are closer to God?” “What if the Jews are closer to God?” – this triggers most people in the west, either lightly or heavily.

Suppose the Islamic banking system is a result of their mystical attunement? I posted last night that Iranian designating our banks and hollywood as “pagan”. Are we behind the times in a certain sense? The enlightenment mastery of nature ethos gave us all this technology – did we forget anything in the process?

Why is it you think that usury is one of the gravest sins in the Quran?

It seems that the Quran in part is its own proto version of 200 Years Together… Except it was a lot more than 200 years of dealing with usurers.

Before Egypt, where were the Hyksos settled?

Persia, Babylon, Egypt, Hittite Empire(?) all had to deal with the behavior of these people before the Quran was ever written. Since then, they’ve had 1400 years to think about it. Transcendental values contra the “pagans”, the “bankers”.

Are we so sure they don’t know something we don’t?

It must be blind prejudice on the part of the Muslims, right? Not a sacred knowledge that’s been refined over thousands of years about the nature of the pagans, their ignorance and sins.

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