There’s a country you never hear about – Tunisia

You know what this is about!

The Philosophy of Religion they won’t teach at the academy, that’s all.

I mean, we’re also dealing with contemporary psychology of the elites here.

You think BLM would really exist today if they didn’t have this narrative they tell themselves?

It’s make-believe. We’re living in a society that has ahistorical mythology at its foundation.

This is Tunisia of the 9-11 centuries (don’t think about those numbers too much)

What the “War on Terror” really is is pigs that are already fat wanting to get fatter. Remember that census Jew who answered, What are my origins? I dunno, someone who got beaten and pushed around in Eastern Europe? People who have lived in parasitic luxury throughout history who use the narrative of oppression as a method to parasitize moar and moar luxury. Every drone-strike in MENA has been the wrath of yahweh, the revenge for having been “found out”, and subsequently kicked out. Quick quick hide the silk and gold, here rub some dirt on your face, we’re getting close to the border of the next country, make sure to rub your shoulder like it’s sore too.

Disastrous for the Jews of Tunisia was the transfer of the Maghreb province to the hands of the Umayyads in 1146. Jews and Christians were given a choice: to recognize Mohammed or to leave the country.

I.e. recognize that screwing people over is wrong, recognize that goyim aren’t your cattle.

It’s even more insidious when they outwardly “convert” and secretly preserve their convictions involving divinely sanctioned exploitation. You even see this today with secular heebs who proclaim Equalism more virulently than anyone while in the back of their mind believing Jews to be the chosen people, the master-race for this task, and the goys as their ideological play-things to manipulate and sacrifice at their will. What, you’re not gonna learn this at the uni? I wonder why. It’s because that’s the very place where they’re intellectually conditioned to “get with the program”, the very place they are manipulated, so why would they be taught about how they’re being manipulated, that would defeat the purpose.

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