Trying to be more dialectical, and studying the host rather than the parasite at the moment. Trump is half Scottish, and he’s clearly the face of the host of the present day.

Iona’s place in history was secured in 563 AD when St. Columba arrived on its white sandy beaches with 12 followers, built his first Celtic church and established a monastic community. Once settled, the Irish monk set about converting most of pagan Scotland and northern England to the Christian faith.

“Where all the trouble began”



When was Highlander set? 1536. Every single person on the right wants that warrior spirit from Trump. “You don’t do that, this is the modern time.” I don’t care, it’s time to stop being polite and “civilized”. That’s all an illusion anyway, the enemy uses the most savage of tactics only under the guise of civility.

Oh, the post-christian weaklings don’t like that? What I like to see in history, the vikings raiding the Isle of Iona

It makes me “giddy” looking at pictures like this, I have to confess

Only to be replaced by filthy prots, and the rest is history. Now we’re living in a secular phase of protestantism, a “gentle” passive people, easy to push around. If we want to survive the onslaught of the merchant menace that’s latched onto us like so many slimy leeches, then we have to return for some time to the pagan ways. It’s not universalistic (Christian), not every life is sacred. We don’t have to honor the People of the Book, because we don’t have to recognize their books. The only thing to recognize is they’re a problem, and if they’re a problem their blood needs to be spilled. All this polite talk, amidst all this destruction that they are directly responsible for, I happen to want to chop their heads off with an axe. We can pillage them for their gold for a change too. The mosquitoes of humanity are corpses and all of their pilfered funds are now in our banks which we control, sound good? No, we’re just going to keep getting polite talks and polite actions as the country continues to deteriorate.

The cursèd Isle of Iona. I can dream

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