I’ve seen various signs that yandex is a farce too, that google just makes it look good, nonetheless I do find some good sites through that engine

Better muses than you tend to find on google at least.

I try to think of these things as concretely as possible. I imagine bank vaults that contain human sweat. A gold bar is merely a highly condensed symbol of labor. And I wonder how much the bankers and merchants have actually had to exert energy in order to find themselves at the levers of control.

I think the intuition among the people is “not very much”.

In some cases this is likely false. At all costs we must avoid envy and resentment. Hating entrepreneurs is one of the worst forms of leveling for instance. We like to have good businesses in society. It’s a question of who has gained capital through sinful means.

There’s a “coincidence” you should note. A sinful society has sinful leaders. How did they get to be leaders? In many cases through shady forms of exploitation. Then these same people control people’s lives, which will naturally result in exploitation again.

So, do bankers labor? Mentally? I’m sure they do. The question is whether the wealth they have is fair for the amount of labor they put in. The average person on the street will say, HA yeah right. Sometimes folk wisdom is right on the mark.

What we have is a society whose leaders control people’s minds because they extracted capital unfairly. This same vice that they used to acquire the capital is manifest in their policies for the people they control. They’re used.

Am I sounding like a Marxist? Well maybe these same people who have taught you to hate the ones like me have intentionally bequeathed to you an erroneous version of Marxism? You know that Marx has that one book that “leftists” never like to mention, can you guess which one that is? And suppose that were necessary for understanding the rest of his books. Am I an illiterate viking brute, an Islamic brute, no I’m just an American who likes reading, my Aunt taught me that habit. All this shadiness in the world today, the writers of the old books that have survived to the present would not have stood for if they were alive now. Spirit over letter with them, new problems, same spirit. If you made all your money from screwing people over you don’t deserve to rule the world. If anything you deserve the death penalty for using your ill-gotten capital to propagate vice and form people into your own soulless image.

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