Just trying to be real with you people, to make you “real people” which I can’t recognize you as, no matter how much I try.

You need to be humble, it’s your ego that gets in the way. Unless you go through an extreme purgative phase in your life you will never be sovereign. Basically what I tend to see is people who were conditioned to have the beliefs that they do. You can settle for that or strive to escape, and most are so conditioned that they will settle for it.

Let’s talk about the superstructure. You’re not allowed to do that, why is that? It is the notion that women should have the rationality of men, and brown people should have the rationality of white people. So, how do you get that? It’s a double-level operation involving the alteration of psychology and genetics. The covert side of this is that they simply want white men to disappear so that they don’t have to feel like kitchen, hut, or shtetl inferiors in their presence. In my presence, in fact. How does it make you feel when I talk to you, you idiot? You think I’m exaggerating, you’re all a bunch of idiots to me, who can’t form thoughts with any coherence. Bake me a cake, be my accountant, dance around a fire in a loincloth? You’re very trivial people to me, in everything you say. I’m even a dago myself, there are likely icier Anglos who have to live in the same thoughtsphere as poor Prince Harry and that vomit-inducing sidekick of his. Do meds understand something you don’t? That’s another book I’d like to find, the connection between “manners” and political correctness. You genetically follow too many rules that are meaningless upon inspection. “Make sure you look high-class”, “Make sure you follow the ideals of political correctness”. Because conformists are high-class for the pariahs in the world that actually matter. Pariahs are high-class. Nice clothes you got there, too bad the mental and spiritual life is a festering, stinking corpse. Make sure you wear your white gloves, wear your mask, though the people you are apologizing for with your peak-neocortex are nothing less than the richest drug dealers and murderers in history. We’re already living in a type of ghetto. Whatever keeps “the gang” going is reflected in the general belief the populace has. I wonder if sickening ghetto-monkeys have good ideas? They either have to rely on other countries for support or live a foraging lifestyle, they must have many enlightening ideas. “I’ll never explain why zionism is even a thing, just give money and martyrs.” Probably something to do with you deserving exile throughout history? Probably something to do with deserving jungle life throughout history? I don’t want those genetics anywhere near the good Christian countries that created philosophy and technology. Hut-usurer genome, sounds good, sign me up! So many people are part of their lobotomy-exploitation conspiracy from such a young age that it isn’t even worth talking to them.

Rare truth serum statement

It’s naive to think you can talk to these people. Secrecy and quiet is the best way for us too.

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