These various things I talk about are not “conspiracies”, calling them that is how they control you with their we’re da victim of egypt and poland conspiracy. Can we just take a second to think about the one that has tried to remark upon me, without ever speaking directly? We have a fed system of bots that post images and movie quotes so you accept that whites, the inventors of science and rational thinking, need to not exist anymore. Bots, and hollywood movie quotes. All of a sudden. mud people have brains! Because no one ever mentions that their only ability to seem like a person depends on algorithms and hollywood. So what will we get in the future with this? Mulattos who don’t have algorithms and hollykike, who are easy to manipulate, great work, brainless goys. We need to make sure the population requires bots and movie quotes so the mudpeople feel that they are human beings. Next step, the population is mud and easy to control. That’s where white people are at, an admirable people.

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