You believe in potato-heads, feds, and niggers if you disagree with me, that’s the end of the story. You are a slave who believes jews niggers white-trash are the good ones of history. What’s that make you? More white trash who no one respects. Jews kicked out of a hundred countries, whores who have had a hundred partners, you don’t know anything about life. I really respect you, you have been thrown out of so many countries and you are literally incapable of love because you’re no different from a prostitute or stripper. The jungle apes forage for food. I have so much respect for you “people” ahahahahah!! We’re the chosen people rofl Sluts have souls, that’s too funny. Rappers are artists. This is the society we live in. Kikes, dumpstersluts, niggers are the majority and that’s what you get in a democracy. You’re less than human, killing you would mean nothing, because your lives are worth nothing.

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