Have something to say, or are you just a nigger with brown or white skin? Seems like the chances are, you’re just a nigger.

Look at you, nigger. Post what spud-Jack wants you to.

You don’t have a brain-stem, you’re owned by the corporations, otherwise you’d say something about


Since you can’t, I have to deduce you are a smelly nigger with no brain who pretends their opinions matter. Good luck with that.

Maybe you will see your utopia manifest and everyone will be as braindead as you.

You’re an ape, and you need to learn your place.

You have white skin? Aww. The peasantry is so easy to see in everything they say.

“I’m autonomous, rational, and freethinking” – ha.. how sad you are. At least try to confront the problems you’re not allowed to. Instead, you only attempt to justify your slavemasters, you have no dignity. NONE. You’re less than a human, and thus the justification for you being shot in the head is public knowledge.

Look at you, peasant, thinking having wifi changed your disgusting nature. I see you.

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