Little fawn of the meadow, you’re back again?

Are you some kind of orphan or something?

No, you’re an adult person. We’re on the same page about that, right? You’re not a little fawn of the meadow.

Unless you want to be?

I don’t think you are.

For starters, if you agree with all the corporations on the basics, it isn’t a coincidence.

If you’re able to survive on social media then you agree with all the corporations on the basics, to varying degrees. Thus, if you want to have a public life in the digital age then it’s important to have a double-consciousness. That’s the meaning of being mature in our time, and probably in lots of other times as well.

Secondly, if you are aware of the plots and designs of the elites, and still continue to do their bidding, believing that you are autonomously deciding to do that, there’s a good chance that you are deceiving yourself. I’m not a mind-reader so I can’t say for sure, all I can say is there’s a good chance that you do their bidding out of necessity and then tell yourself that you 100% are in charge of your choices. When the reality is they’re choosing for you and you’re only calling it your choice.

This is why I try to get in the head of the elites- I don’t like people controlling me. You can’t tell me with a serious look on your face that you like people controlling you either. At best, you decide to be controlled. And it’s good to be aware of that decision, so that you can then wonder if you want to be controlled in that way. Because then you might decided you don’t, and that you’d rather “be yourself”. I don’t think many people be themselves. Once again, not a mind-reader, that’s just what it seems like. Nothing to be ashamed of exactly, that’s just the nature of government and its citizens in our times, even galaxybrains like Dugin I suspect of not being themselves and not being able to see that about themselves.

For today I might change it up a bit and study the Hakka people of China. Remember them? Probably difficult to keep track of some of the weird words I use. The disproportionate subspecies of Han present in recent revolutions, the people with a prominent presence in the CCP. That’s potentially a New World to discover to understand our own elites. Probably won’t match up precisely, though lots of parallels are sure to be found.

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