Hakka in Korean – 객가

Naver is the South Korean google

This is a peculiarly placed people that probably understands the second world superpower better than most.

Essentially what I’m always looking for when I use different languages and different engines is to find a “Moldbug”. I haven’t yet found on of those of Russia despite my many searches on Yandex. Haven’t found one of China, though I have found a few foreigners who seem to have a pretty good grasp on the princelings. Every country needs a Moldbug, and he’s pretty lightweight in certain ways, so I just use him as a working symbol. Do you want to understand how things work in your country at the highest levels? Yeah I’d have to say that any rational citizen if they knew what was best for them, would want a Moldbug of sorts to read. I’ve proposed before the idea that we need a “Moldwiki” and advertisements for it in all the countries of the world prompting their peoples to read about how power works where they are. This is called a humanitarian endeavor, can you leftists do anything, are you useless, I think you are. Will this actually help people? Well I’ve known lots of people who’ve read Moldbug&co. and continue to degrade and humiliate themselves in public with their primitive prog beliefs nonetheless, so no–on the other hand I do find various signs that Moldbug has helped lots of people Understand, and that’s good for its own sake even if they never quit being shivering sheeple and engage in praxis.

Anyway, one would think that there’d be Chinese expats that write about the [[[Hakka]]] safe from the firing squads of the CCP, and I’ve never found one. Not yet anyway. It’s all about the magic words, I’m sure they exist. Another method of investigation I suggest is googling different languages, rather than using mandarin in Baidu for instance, because many thoughtcriminals probably catch on rather early that the good stuff will get deleted off the Chinese server, while it will remain on google. I’ve yet to try this out too much with Persian, and I intend to in the future.

I find this line on Naver

Hakka people who are called ‘Jews of China’ also flocked to this, reacting sensitively to the smell of money.

Can we just take a moment to reflect again on how the “Marxist” revolutions in both China and Russia were carried out by the most hyper-capitalist castes and resulted in both stealing all the people’s money for themselves? And how both of these castes systematically cover it up to this day? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, I don’t like the sound of that! Sounds like possibly the worst crimes in world history, just one person’s opinion. Some speculate that 30 million Hakka live abroad, I wonder what they’re up to. We know what the former USSR leaders are up to, ain’t life grand. That’s systematically hidden in our own country, really puts me in a mood to celebrate living here. I wonder why I wake up with a smile on my face imagining shtetlbillies being murdered, that’s just how sane people live, try it some time.

Look at this, a Korean with the same “conspiracy theory” I find among russkies

Playing us like a fiddle. I’m telling you, Wilson, the Fed, Rothschilds, Baruch the spook, something there, and their descendants didn’t give their money away to charity. Hyksos, EGIBI, Radhanites, Sassoons, might be an unbroken line, I showed you how even some of them see themselves as descendants of King David himself, who knows!

Just found this essay on the bankers of Babylon that says

Later in the first millennium CE, the exchange of thoughts, goods, and people between the Jewish communities in Palestine and Babylonia is well documented.

That’s good news. Lots of history still needs to be patched up. Poland’s in particular, given its importance for WW2 historiography. Basically I’ve been trying to demonstrate just how bogus our state religion really is. Maybe I’ll keep trying to find info on the Hakka as a means to that.

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