Auto-translate doesn’t work so well with Korean

Among the Chinese participants, Fu Ying is a Rothschild Bilderberg neo-con bush, like Jung-hee Park, Hojoong, Moon Sun-myeong, and Il-sung Kim.

This is from when I look up “Hakka and the communist revolution”.

This Korean is claiming that a couple of these puppeteers are trying to interfere with their government

Anecdotally speaking I find that people in other countries bring them up more often than the average American does.

It’s always nice to see a foreign person say something like this

Reminds me of these classic memes

It’s been fun guys. I’m sorry this happened to some of you. I guess “that’s life”, I guess being a sell-out is life.

I like the moxie of this gook

There’s no doubt a collective of racist Koreans who see the Hakka as “the enemy”. The way this one’s talking maybe we can find a book from there on princelings of both east and west. I’m gonna bury you with some help from my new friends. We have our Singaporean Mahbubani. The South Korean, I’d like to find one of those.

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