Were you wondering why a South Korean would have theories like those? I think I found the answer

We have to go back farther than Babylon according to him

He thinks the Pareto principle originated in Sumer too.

Something else to declassify, the list grows by the day

That was one of my first thoughts going on Naver today- what are their takes on the Korean War? I wouldn’t have expected this kind of theory. They meddle with us, meddle with the middle easterners, meddle with the Asians. Who’s most free to theorize about it out of all of them? Second question- who has the IQ for it? Those South Koreans are pretty smart by that standard. It shows with this one blogger too, who “likes to think when he walks”. He suggests the writer John Coleman, whose books look interesting. Another he suggests – what I was looking for earlier – Currency Wars by Song Hongbing

The premise of the book is that Western countries are ultimately controlled by a group of private banks, which, according to Song, runs their central banks. It uses the claim that the Federal Reserve is a private body to support its role.

Chinese takes on the Fed yes yes yes. Looks like this is a trilogy too. When I find stuff like this it means I’m having a good day.

This Korean keeps referring to someone as “Indra” and I was wondering who he was talking about, and I’ve determined that he must be referring to himself in the third-person. Alright man if you’re that much of an autist that’s cool. He knows a lot so I’ll let him get away with it.

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