Wish I could find this online

This is the standard story

Nothing would surprise me.

Are they connected to any of these?

From the oilsearch website

In our first 40 years, only a few small gas discoveries were made. It wasn’t until the introduction of large helicopters in the late 1950s…

Michael disappeared in 1961. “Supposedly” he was there for ethnographic art

“That’s absurd that this would all be staged.” Sometimes you have to think crazy. You think some of these people don’t fake their deaths so they can operate more secretively? “Michael, we’ve chosen you for this generation. Let’s make it fun this time around, sensational.” “What did you find there, boy? What resources can we extract?”

After what we’ve learned about the CIA do you put any dirty trick past them? I was thinking this post was too crazy and the more thought about it I decided that there’s a decent chance that some of them would keep a secret person around. Not something you could really have evidence for, so.

The oil monopolist? You can do anything, you still have to follow certain laws though

You can’t trust non-family, because if they relocate all your hidden wealth to their own offshore banks, you going to call the police on them? We can’t know how they operate, just speculating with all this.

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