Sometimes you get crazy ideas, and once you articulate them, and ponder about it, sometimes they don’t seem that crazy anymore. For instance right now I’m wondering about whether someone spread COVID to Trump. If we think of 2020 as a unity, that seems like a significant event of the psyop, if you want to think of it that way. I haven’t forgotten about that, they try to make you forget certain events throughout it, because there are so many. It’s not that the vote itself, the ballots themselves, were rigged, to someone who has “crazy thoughts” sometimes, all of 2020 seems rigged in a certain way. 1953 coup in Iran, the documents were only revealed decades later. I study the CIA and, it seems like all of 2020 wouldn’t be so difficult to pull off, especially if they began planning in 2016. I try to tell people, and I don’t think they understand usually, that you should try to separate from the establishment in every way possible, because that is what their mastery of psychic control necessitates, otherwise you will not have freedom. Is that important to you? It doesn’t seem that way with many. To be charitable, to see it with “their” view of the world, Trump represents freedom, they represent stability. Call it the neolib empire if that suits you in your unfree ketman. You are correct. If all of the implications of Trump’s essential messages were to unfold, that would cause possibly an era of instability. This is how they see it at least. It’s instability of their capital-extraction that it would cause. It would be good for us, the silent majority, bad for their businesses. Four years of Trump is just giving us a treat to sate us so we stop caring about freedom as much. The freedom of the human spirit is the antithesis of their stability. Yeah, they’re stabling making money with this political regime. The question is, are the people who are living here actually living flourishing lives? I believe in advancement of the demos as much as the next person and I don’t think they’re doing it right. It’s more about them than it is about everyone else. Do I hate liking Trump when he’s a populist? Yes, I do. I also can once in a while identify with the real Marxist left that is alive in America that is also marginalized by these plutocratic forces. They’re not good for either of us. I try to make a deal with you time and again. A Leninist revolt would be most pragmatic. Especially if you had the Right on your side. ONLY if there is an agreement that the country will be split in half. You can have your Marxist experiment, the so-called reactionaries can have their own patch. I think this would actually make like 99% of the country happy, so why don’t we? Slit their throats, make others work on the farm, that’s Praxis today.

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  1. The discussion starting at 31 minutes here implicitly relates to a few of the things you’ve been posting about recently –


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