That South Korean has so many ideas to find further details on, this is one link you can scroll through. South Korea is a blindspot to me similar to India and Artxell because I once knew a girl from there who wasn’t so bad, I’d characterize her as a savant in fact.

You ever wonder about these ones, anon?

They have certain objective beauties, and yet, I clearly find myself incessantly talking about how white women need to exist in the future. Gorgeous Asians have their plus sizes–one grad student I know showed me pictures of his girlfriend once, milky-white skin, huge tits–it doesn’t matter to me, that is temptation, the yellow temptation. Only certain European women I see as the most beautiful women in the world. Asians lost the beauty contest. I don’t trust Asian brain, no inventions, keep looking at me with that Asian face. It would be charity for me to care for you. I’m not into charity, unless you can convince me you have something to teach me? Why is it that they have a motivated effort to wipe out white people? Using either spics, niggers, gooks? You tell me, prove me wrong. I’d like to see a white woman finally speak what’s on her mind about all this. You’re the only one I truly respect, you’re the only reason I post, I love white women, and I hope to find the perfect one. Maybe I can find that with an Asian instead? So many white women are sickening that I do understand that temptation. It’s old-fashioned to say, I’d only like a woman from Europe. Asians, indigenous indians (whatever those are) are bleachright material. The question is who would I like to be a mother and represent eternity. Do I trust darks with that, yellows, their track-record isn’t great, do you like the idea of me calling you a slur? Jews of course control all of this, and they are kikes who should be killed, because they try to eliminate their rivals, the whites. Tell me how you acquired your wealth? Why is it that Jews are replicating and the ones whose countries they live in are manipulated via usury? You’re a kike, I’ll put a bullet in your head and I won’t think anything of it. If we were to socially-engineer a new bible, the Jews being murdered at the end would be the perfect story to tell, morally-speaking.

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